For non-residents

1. Can a foreign national purchase an estate in Georgia?
A foreign national is free to purchase and own an estate in Georgia. This right is regulated by acting legislation.
2. What are the procedures for purchasing an apartment at the MetroCity? 
      - Once an apartment is selected by the buyer he/she presents his/her personal information (name, address, telephone, e’mail and copy of ID) to the sales division.

-The sales division prepares  the preliminary agreement and delivers it to the buyer.

-The parties agree on the contract’s signing date.  The agreement can be signed by the buyer himself/herself or anyone legally authorized by the buyer by legalized authorization document, copy of ID and contact details of the legalization (notary) office must be presented.  Prior to registration the registry office represantative has to have means of contacting the legalization authority/notary service for the purpose of double checking the authenticity of presented authorization document.

      -   Registration of the estate by the buyer or his/her trustee and the seller.
      -  Making payment by the buyer in accordance with installment plan outlined in contract.
    - Signing The Primary Sale and Purchase Agreement between the seller and the buyer on completion of the construction.
     - Registration of The Primary Sale and Purchase Agreement at the registry office

3. Which language is the contract in?
-    Purchasing contract is made in two languages – Georgian and English/Turkish /Russian.  In case of discrepancy between Georgian and English/Turkish/Russian versions, the Georgian version of the contract shall have priority.  Responsible translators’ details are kept together with agreements at the registry office.

4. Which are obligatory taxes to be paid following the purchase for foreign nationals?
Following the purchase of apartment a foreign national is obliged to make monthly payments for utility charges as well as service charge entailed in the contract.
5. If a foreign national possesses an estate in Georgia does that enable him/her to visit the country without a visa?
Foreign nationals who need visa in order to enter Georgia will not be exempt in the case of purchasing estate.  Please see the list of country the nationals of which do not require visas for short stays ( any 90 days within 180 days).    

6. Can a foreign national purchase an estate at MetroCity with loan?
MetroCity offers internal credit that makes non-residents as well as residents available to make purchase by internal credit for 3 to 5 years.

7. Can foreign nationals resell the purchased estate in Georgia or transfer the ownership to family member?
According to the Constitution of Georgia a foreign national has the right to resell or transfer the ownership of an estate.  It is unacceptable to cancel the common right of reselling, trasferring ownership or inheritance.